Pingdom Java API

A Java wrapper around the Pingdom RESTful API and a simple DSL for easy interaction.

Remote services are grouped into local service objects which can be centrally managed by a ServiceManager instance. The manager will act as a factory for all of the services and will automatically initialize them with your credentials and API key.

Each service contains methods which correspond to a remote method. Each of these methods instantiates a class that will allow for you to build the parameters using the Java builder pattern.

Required remote method parameters will be arguments to the service method and all of the methods in the returned builder are optional.

When fully assembled, you can trigger the remote execution by calling the fire() method. This will return a native object which represents the result of the execution. All returned objects are immutable and should be handled as such.

Note: While the Pingdom RESTful API remains in public beta all of the released versions of this library will be in the 0.9.x series. Only when the API is declared fully stable will version 1.0 be released. During this grace period the wrapper API should remain relatively stable. However, this is not a guarantee and all implementing programs should consult the change log file to learn about any changes with new versions.